Friday, 1 June 2018

Ormos Milou, Nisos Milos 36:43.34N 24:27.09E

This morning we enjoyed fresh croissants for breakfast. Sue made a point of wanting something different from Greek yoghurt after 6 weeks of it every morning. I promised her northerly F4 winds or thereabouts. We pointed Ticketeeboo north of Sikinos and were pleased to see we could make for Milos, heasing west, keeping both islands of Sikinos and Folegandros to our south and leeward. An excellent sail, 3 reefs mainsl and good reef in jib, close hauling achieving up to 6kn in heavy seas. Sometimes the wind settled F4, so we presented more sailing cloth and speeded up nicely. Twice, when I went for a pee, the wind upted the game to F6 needing less sail exposed for resumed happiness on board.
As we approached north-east Milos we were well reefed, expecting strong winds gusting between the islands of Poliagos, Kimolos and Milos. No disappointment. Close hauling in 30kn wind can be exciting and energetic. No complaints heard and we enjoyed a wonderful speedy sail between the islands and into clear water north side of Milos. An hour or so later we lost the wind and donked our way for the last bit and into the wonderful Ormos Miloi - flooded remains after an enormous volcanic eruption.
Looks good. More settled conditions than we've seen for some time. Both ready to enjoy cheese pie, chips and beans for tea (dinner/evening meal as posh people like to call it).

Sue's planning our fun, here in Milos.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Port Ios, Nisos Ios 36:43.35N 25:16.42E

Ticketeeboo is hanging-out at Port Ios (Nisos Ios) keeping Lover happy. It's blowing a hoolie N6-7 and likely to be unchanged next few days? We're tucked-up snug on the east quay with our hook in the leftovers of Davy Jones locker + 70m chain plus 2 x lazee lines (for extra comfort and to help prevent intimate contact with neighbouring yachts) in beamy windies as well orrible nasty swellies caused by visiting big/fast ferries. In meantime we have plenty sunshine as well very handy tavernas coffee-bars and supermarket to enjoy lots.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ormos Plati Yialos, Nisos Sifnos 36:55.72N 24:43.77E

We pulled hook out this morning with intention heading east towards Nisos Antiparos, where we'd picked out bit of a bay we fancy about 20NM away with light southerly wind to get us there. It soon became obvious we were only going to do it on the donk. So, instead, we opted to pop in here, Ormos Plati Yialos, doing a whole 5NM passage. So we're just little way further round coast Nisos Sifnos. We're only yacht on hook and we have just enough protection from the forecast SW'ly overnight wind. Sue watched today's Royal Wedding on her Kindle and I watched FA Cup final on my phone. Our PAYG SIM has today taken bit of a nock so will need topping-up sooner than expected.
Happy Birthday Freya xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ormos Vathi - Nisos Sifnos 36:55.86N 24:41.40E

We departed Serifos at noon today after relocating sterns-to the harbour wall for one night. This was because we were beginning to feel bit exposed on lee shore after the wind changed to a southerly and didn't fancy becoming permanent feature on their beach. When tied to the harbour wall it was easy to get ashore with our bikes and meant having the wind up our stern. It turned out to be good move because the wind really did howl for couple hours during dark without either of us feeling need to make checks.
Todays wind promised steady 20NM sail. We started with reefs in jib & mainsl. In open water we shook the reefs out for a decent enough sail. As the wind lightened we stowed the jib and set our vastly bigger genoa. 5NM short we ran out of wind completely, stowed sails and proceeded in on donk. 3 hours not bad. 
Vathi is a delightful bay. It's only open SW to SE and that's where we presently have light winds and bit of swell from, so we're moving little more than we like. Be completely settled in couple of days, settled enough for spot of rain maybe?
Eating on board tonight. Greek sausage - one of Sue's speciality of the yacht with freshly baked Serifos dark bread....... hummie!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Ormos Livadhi, Nisos Serifos 37:08.71N 24:31.18E

Seeing we were gonna be blessed with a decent northerly wind today, we were ready for our little 25NM passage, heading mostly south from NE Kithnos towards Livadhi, SE Nisos Serifos. The indicated N F5-6 became 38kn at times accompanied with 4-5m beamy seas between the islands. We're now on hook and as you can see Sue has big smile and is very happy with the experience (and me). Just can't do enough for a good woman and me!
We expect these high winds to reduce overnight so that we can get our RIB in the water, visit a local hostilary or two and replenish food stuff. Last time we were here high winds blew for 3 days and we never got off the yacht so our expectations this time are high.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ormos Fikiadha, Nisos Kithnos 37:24.9N 24:22.9E

Dropped hook Ormos Fikiadha couple days ago. It's a beautiful setting, having a sand isthmus separating two bays. We chose the east bay to avoid wash from passing ships. Our first night was Tuesday. Very quiet. No charter boats. From then on the bay has been visited by a selection of brainless charter missile skippers who seem to have little idea abour anchoring safely. Yesterday we waited until just before dark before relocating Ticketeeboo well away from these idiots, putting us nice and safe for us to sleep settled.
Today the bay almost cleared, save for couple other owner-yachts and ourselves. By late afternoon the bay filled again. Same routine except this time most of the troublesome charterers have 'plonked' their hooks well away. There's certainly an increasing number of ugly charter-catamarans in these waters. We hope they become scarcer as we put more NM between ourselves and Lavrion/Athens.
We've been catching-up on some jobs. Each of the last 3 days, a little bit gelcoat polishing! Ticketeeboo begining to look the part with sparkling white cockpit and aft deck gelcoat. Might continue with cabtop and for'd deck tomorrow if it takes our fancy?
Good swim this morning to check location of our anchor and chain. Neighbouring s/y Puppy thought we might be over their chain. We ain't and we're well away so we are all happy. Sue did a wash and it's clean bedding tonight (again). 

Monday, 7 May 2018

Ormos Vourkari - Nisos Kea 37:40.0N 24:19.6E

​Being anchored off the quayside is much safer than getting mixed-up with charter boat missiles trying to berth sterns-to on the town quay. It is entertaining to watch though.
We enjoyed lovely few days. Went ashore on Sunday to watch the match. Went to each taverna and coffee bar enquiring if they had football on TV. It turned out they didn't even have TV so missed the match, which turned out was worth missing and enjoyed some of the best baby squid, pork and chips ever. Went for a poodle in RIB round the bay before sunset and just got settled back on Ticketeeboo when the heavens opened. Thunder and lightning and beaucoup de rain all night. Next day it took me several minutes to bale-out the RIB so that we could take bikes ashore for cycle over to Korissia and Ormos Livadhi as well round the bay. We were also going to get the bus up to the Kiea Chora/village. There was no bus (to early in the season) and the road proved too steep for Sue's little legs.
When we returned to Ticketeeboo a yacht called Nikitoo had dropped their hook close by. They kindly invited us on board for rum punches and a chat. We also ate ashore with them and ended-up 'crawling' into bed at 1 o'clock, smissed as parts. An excellent evening with Marianna & Hugh, there skipper, hostess and friends from Bulgaria. Lovely new Oyster 625 - much bigger that we!
Wednesday morning and we're heading south towards Nisos Kithnos.