Thursday, 29 September 2016

Ormos Linaria - Nisos Skiros 38:50.89N 24:31.93E

When we set-off this morning we donked for first hour and a bit because we had little wind and rolly seas. We don't like flogging our sails when it's like this. Fortunately, after gettin' rid of a little excess and taking a shower it was evident the winds had strengthened just enough to contemplate getting the sails out. So we did and enjoyed some really pleasant sailing, broadreaching most the way here, as far as a shallow gap between Nisos Skiros and Nisos Valaxa, which pilot book describes as "It is scary". In the conditions we enjoyed today it was delightful, just bit shallow to pass through. Crystal clear water above easily observed detailed seabed.
We've decided to go on hook for tonight, harbour half NM away. Intention being to use RIB and visit Linaria town to have ganda and restock on fruit and veg, as well out-else taking our fancy? If we like the harbour and there's space, we might contemplate going into the harbour and tieing to dirt tomorrow. We'll see?

Nisos Skantzoura - Ormos Prasso 39:04.67N 24:06.77E

We enjoyed good sail from Nisos Kira Panayia. We visited Ormos Skantzoura on S coast of the island. A smaller bay with limited room to swing, which ment tieing-back. Sue didn't fancy the local geography and said "Lets continue towards Skiros" (a further 28NM) and was delighted to discover we had the option of another (much bigger) bay just over a NM further round the coast, where we enjoyed a lovely settled afternoon and overnight. Unfortunately, I forgot to recover squiddy so squiddy now resides in Davy Jones locker and we're a hundred metres or so shorter on fishing line, plus a lead weight. It also meant I had to skinny-dive under the yacht to check for fishing line round the prop. An enjoyable experience in crystal clear warmish water. Squiddy well disappeared along with all but few metres of line.
Very pleasant sunset too

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ormos Planitis, Nisos Kira Panayia 39:20.71N 24:04.73E

Came here couple days ago and this place is one of those magical anchorages to dream about.
The entrance is relatively narrow, say 50-60m with depths of 6m. It's open to the N and with a Meltimi blowing expect it could be bit scary getting in/out. We're lucky to have relatively light NE winds these past few days so no such daring needed. Once inside the entrance there's choice of two lagoons. We chose the E lagoon and the half dozen others who's arrived since us, for most once they get eyeball on us (plonked in the middle) seem to prefer the S lagoon. There's some small visiting fishing boats coming and going from time to time, even overnight, although tonight it looks like we might have the place entirely by ourselves. We've had two of the most peaceful nights possible so far and expecting same tonight (touch wood).
We haven't bothered visiting the island because there's only the odd goat for company. We're beginning to run out of fresh veg and fruit so intend making exit in morning, heading towards Nisos Skantzoura, to SE of us.
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 27-Sep-16 07:19 UT our position was 39°20.71'N 024°04.71'E

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ormos Peristera, Nisos Peristera 39:10.25N 23:58.12E

Came in here yesterday. A whole 5NM passage from Alonisos. Didn't take very long on the donk. We were the only yacht visiting here and enjoyed the whole night 'yacht-alone'. Very peaceful, very dark and we enjoyed the experience. Deciding to have 2 nights here it didn't take much to settle into the swing of things. Towards mid afternoon tody, a Sailing Holidays yacht arrived. Sue guessed right. Now we have 11 Sailing Holidays yachts rafted on the beach. There quiet an plenty distance away so not a problem. Same flotilla we#ve met couple time during last week. We also have a couple CATs nearby. On in front and one behind. The one in front is too close but having just checked weather prospects there's unlikely to be a problem. T'other CAT was also preparing to drop in front until I told him where our hook is and he ended up dropping astern of us. From past experience, CATs can be bit of a PITA when they decide to drop their hook too close.

The pic was taken yesterday, when we decided to put RIB in water and go for a wee poodle round the bay. xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Patitiri, Nisos Alonnisos 39:08.66N 23:51.95E

We are quite pleased to move-on from Skopolos town to here, Patitira -SE Alonnisos. Last night the predicted 10-15kn windies from NW turned out to be a gusty 25-35kn NW from 2 a.m. till almost 9 o'clock. The lines squeaked relentlessly and the wind howled like a cat might if caught in a meat grinder. Sue, first time ever, spent most of the night in the saloon, then hit the sack at 7 and slept like a kitten 'till 10. We were thinking about staying put another day yet opted to move towards Alonnisos, where we thought we'd drop hook in a nearby attractive anchorage. Nope! Our destination was found to be partitioned-off with buoys. A hotel swimming area and yachtie isolation zone. Hence the reason we're tied to concrete here tonight. Bit short of space and loads of ferries coming and going. Been here 6 years ago and the place ain't changed any. Typically Greece. Few locals and tourists watching us as we watch them too. We had to squeaze in between another yacht and a local small fishing boat. There's lots of local fishing boats on moorings and we didn't fancy dropping our hook into one of them so opted to put our anchor chain over our neighbours. They can find out in the morning (if thay wanna leave before us?). I know, "It's tough" when someone drops their hook and runs their chain over yours. It's the penalty, which has to be sorted, when failing to put their hook down in right place when aligning and preparing to moor sterns-to. In meantime, no point in anticipating their surprise in the morning?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Skopolos Town 39:07.40N 23:43.88E

Since our last entry we've obviously been too busy enjoying ourselves 'cause I can see it's almost a week ago?
After Ormos Atlantis we had couple days tied to the quay at Orio (one of the best places we've visited). Then moved on towards Skiathos, where we dropped hook just to the side of the airport runway approaches - not a place for the feint-hearted although we did enjoy waving to the pilots close by. Just one night Skiathos then spent lovely quiet night on hook at Loutraki! Skopolos. Lovely it was until just after 8 a.m. when the wind unexpextedly started to build-up from the SW. The very direction to put us on a lee-shore. By 9 o'clock it became bit energetic and by 10 o'clock t'was time to go somewhere else. We didn't have it that bad because we (our hook) were well dug-in, just bit lively.  With a forecast indicating might quieten down until early hours next morning rhen come back with a vengance, we decided to move round the island and now here in Skopolos Town. Blew bit of a hoolie early evening and has been reasonably settles since. With 360° protection here it's well worth the mooring fee for couple nights peace and quiet.
This afternoon we've topped up supplies and enjoyed local gyros (again). Tonight we're invited by Sailing Holidays leag crew to join them for a quiz-night. Sue's swatting-up!
Pleased to report we is ticketeeboo on Ticketeeboo and hoping long may this continue. Fridge repairs continie to prove successful, as well water-maker motor.
Love to R S M & T and J F P & S xxxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Kolpos Atalantis, N Gulf Evia 38:39.32N 23:11.27E

Very pleasant 30NM sailing yesterday, initially close hauling in NNW F4-5 then some lovely close reaching when the wind veered during the mid afternoon. This is a large bay, few houses and tavernas around the coastline, exceptionally quier and yet we were the only visiting yacht last night. It's now half one and we're still yacht-alone. This morning we've has light NW'lies so far and since we wanna ģo thataway we're sittin here, waiting to see if the wind might veer. If it don't then we're both happy to enjoy some more R&R here for another day since we're in no rush þo move on and Sue's enjoying another doze too.
Squiddy didn't follow up last swim with another fishno fresh tunatonight. We did visot the local bakers before leaving Khalkis and at Sue's suggestion enjoyed fresh bread with bacon, ssausages, egg and tomato yesterday at sunset. Can't beat bacon & egg for a charmed indulgance!
Sue also did a wash this morning so needs little extra time for everything to sun-dry xxx